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Augumented Reality is mainly putting its footprints in verticals such as Marketing, Gaming, Retail, Entertainment, Education, Publishing etc. AR is in use everywhere in Gaming, Entertainment, Government sectors which has transformed how people interact with the real world. Collaboration of real and digital world with this technology has enhanced the view of reality to experience and learn. Consumers can now share this Augumented Reality experience with other using internet.

Mobile & Web Augmented Reality Application

Mobiles are getting smarter and has grow drastically. AR Apps can be nuilt on both iOS and Android devices. With the use of this new technology we can make 3D Objects, with live videos on Tabs and Smartphones. using 3D components it is digitally processed. This process integrated with real and virtual world in real time. Like animated movies, live car etc. Executing communication and ideas has become easy using this technology. Businesses are using AR in maximizing their sales.

Virtual Reality is different from Augmented Reality. In Virtual Reality there is no connection with the real world and virtual world is created for the same. Advancements in new technologies and internet is the driving force for VR. Virtual Reality has been in growing demand in healthcare industry. Virtual Reality App usage have increased in consumers today.

Virtual Reality Software toolkit helps build amazing interactive VR simulations. One can track and display hand in hand with the use of this VR App. Tracking brings your display to life. Vizard is the famous tool used for 3D asset to make quick view for 3D Models, identify graph, and preview built-in animations.

Virtual reality Architecture & Business: Virtual Reality apps can be very useful to architects and businesses. This will help client from construction industry to create a virtual project to create site, hotel, rooms, restaurants, factories etc. Virtual reality will help consumers visualize project in real world.

Our AR VR Development Services

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