Front End Development Services

CruzataSoft delivers smart user experience with our strong frontend architecture solutions
Front End Development Services

Best Front End Development Company

We at CruzataSoft have a vision to create amazing UI/UX for users they fall in love with.
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We deliver next-generation front-end solutions. We at CruzataSoft have the vision to create amazing UI/UX for users they fall in love with. Every Application is built with utmost care that looks equal on all screens be it desktop, laptop or mobile. Our Front End Development Services are not only among the best companies but we also strive to offer wide variety of PSD to HTML and Javascript Development Services such as PSD to HTML Website Development, PSD to WordPress Development, UI/UX Designing Services, Javascript Development Services etc. We specialize in delivering smart user experience by filling gaps between the interface and functionality. We completely make sure that our Front End Developers sync well with the latest technologies and web design platforms such as AngularJS, VueJS, NodeJS etc.

Our team of top notch Front end web designers has proper insights of customer’s business logic and tries best to create user-friendly design solutions. We use latest tools for developing stunning websites and software applications for your business.

So collaborate with us to deliver next-generation front-end solutions using latest front-end development technologies. Let us know if you are willing to hire our talented front-end web designers to create user-friendly and effective for business, then opt for our services to choose the right resources to fit into your requirements. We do not compromise with the tools and platforms we select for Front End Development that hampers the UI/UX look and feel and application performance.

CruzataSoft build strong frontend architecture to build a solid foundation to engage with better user experiences using cutting-edge technologies. Our talented team of front-end web designers and developers helps you create user-friendly and robust applications using new front-end technologies.

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Front End Design & Development Services

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  • Web Design Services
  • HTML Designing
  • PSD to HTML Designing
  • Mobile Responsive Designing
  • Pixel Perfect Implementation
  • Responsive Site Conversion
  • UI-UX Design
  • Custom JavaScript Development
  • Front End Architecture Designing
  • Hire Our Front End Developers

Front End Development Services

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We provide all kinds of Front end development services. Our expertise in Front End Development has made it possible in every technology used.

Our Front End developers have more than 7 years of experience in front end development. We have delivered many projects successfully that are loved by our clients. From prototyping to designing world-class UI-UX of the web and mobile applications. We have marked ourselves to be on the top of the trend and design that is popular. We have helped companies from all parts of the world to meet their business expectations. The MVP or any Software that is built by us is loved by the users first.

Full-cycle design and develop UI-UX Development

Our front-end development starts with amazing UI-UX Design. Our UI-UX designers make sure the apps are 100% user-friendly and compliant with Google and Apple Store policies. Our UI-UX design sense is loved by all users and clients who choose us. Our expertise is in website and mobile app UI-UX designing.

Code Audit ReactJS Development

Our ReactJS developers are highly skilled and will deliver your project on time. They will make sure the frontend and backend stay aligned through the Javascript framework. This will help reduce development time and cost. With React we can create reusable components that are small code pieces. These user interface components can be used for building complex solutions.

Server-side API Development AngularJS Development

AngularJS is an open-source front-end framework used to build secure, scalable, and dynamic applications. From static to dynamic we know that this is the future of front end development. We embrace AngularJS and our developers feel pride in delivering amazing Angular JS front end solutions.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Node JS Development

NodeJS Development from CruzataSoft takes complete responsibility for taking Javascript out of the internet. NodeJS provides a lot of benefits to give you the right solution for your project. We can make it work anywhere necessary using scripting. Node JS makes front end & backend development processes efficient.

Front End Applications

Front End Development Tool and Technologies we use

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HTML5 CSS3 Development Services

HTML CSS3 Development

CruzataSoft bring vast experience working on HTML5 Technologies and our talented designers are well versed in building amazing user-friendly web and mobile applications using this 5th generation coding language.

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UI UX Designing Services

UI-UX Designing

We offer designs that are well coded with an eye for users experience and user friendliness and how they engage. We bring many years of experience with deep knowledge of designing and developing Web & Mobile Applications using the latest technologies and trends.

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Javascript Development Services

Javascript Development

At CruzataSoft, our team of expert JavaScript developer strive to provide the best Javascript Development Services to our clients to meet their business goals. Javascript is scalable, fast, flexible and the most reliable framework/language. We cater to wide array of businesses to deliver one of the best Javascript Development services.

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AngularJS has a wide variety of options to customize. Other frameworks do not have many features that AngularJS offers. It is a combination of HTML and CSS that is required to build stunning websites and mobile apps. It is flexible in nature and maintains the same amount of speed simultaneously. The optimization on your web and mobile app projects becomes faster than before. It has an added layer of exclusivity and the UI-UX gives a real engaging factor to the users. AngularJS offers comprehensive components and a feature approach towards UI-UX. Angular JS development can take your application to a whole new level maintaining speed and is lightweight. Contact us or learn more about AngularJS Development below. You can also have a quick live chat with our consultant for any questions.

Some of the iconic websites today are built on ReactJS. Companies are switching to ReactJS technologies to revamp their existing websites solutions. Even big giant social media companies like Facebook and Instagram use ReactJS. It works well for beginners who want to advance their online business. It contains great features and has the capacity to manage any traffic without any hassle. That is the exact reason why it's used by many businesses today. A combination of these powerful features makes an incredible solution for web and mobile applications for any business type. We highly recommend our clients to go for React to build their robust web app. Its powerful library helps us deliver ReactJS projects in less time. If you want to build a robust and scalable web app, contact us to learn more about our ReactJS Development services. You can also contact us by filling the form below or live chat with our consultant for any quick question.


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JavaScript is a reputed scripting language. It eases any irrelevant server loads. The JavaScript framework is widely used by development companies all over the world. JavaScript is good for both client and server-side. This helps save bandwidth. JavaScript is the most iconic scripting language ever since it came into existence. With Javascript, you can change the course of UI-UX and has become the most used framework in years. The impact of JavaScript is so much that it will be a favorite among developers for many years to come. One can keep writing and writing about the features of JavaScript. JavaScript is mostly used for building robust and high-quality web applications. Nowadays a Progressive Web App is also developed using JavaScript framework. Our Front End Development team will help you create a website or web app that is loved by your customers. Your online presence will boost and you will gain new customers. If your website and services are good they will stick with you forever becoming your loyal clients.

Vue is evolving and it has taken the front end development by storm. Vue has quickly become one of the favorite choices among JavaScript Frameworks. The many benefits of using VueJS. First of all, it is very easy to understand the syntax structure. It has simple documentation to learn about Vue. Vue consists of architecture that gives great speed and flexibility to your web application. You can test the performance of your software built with VueJS. When you plan to hire VueJS Developers from India, consider us your first option. We are a team of experienced VueJS Developers proficient in advanced Javascript technologies. Our front end development in VueJS can give exponential benefits to your business. We recommend and mostly use VueJS for our mainstream service offerings. Our top VueJS web application developer will help you create a top-notch single-page web application in Vue. Contact us to learn more about our VueJS Front End Development services.


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CruzataSoft team for your
Front End Web Application

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To create a web application or software it takes more than just a Front End Developer. Our front end developers are experts in doing creative UI-UX designing that is comfortable to use. From small things such as fonts, colors, images to animations and effects- everything should be user-friendly. It keeps the users well engaged on your website or mobile application. Frontend is a broad term that includes many aspects such as skills of front end developers, graphic designers, and UX-UI experts. If you want to achieve success for your website or mobile app it is imperative to have a good front end team. They will build a foundation of your website or an app.

Hire Top Front End Developers
and Save up to 60% Costs

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Hire Front End Developers from our team in India. We are an army of talented front end developers well versed with new technologies. Our front end experts are experienced in HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript and Bootstrap frameworks. When you hire our remote front end developers you get a blend of technology and a hassle-free development team. We got India's best front end developers who are solving complex business problems for our clients across the world. Their experience in different industries and niches makes them unique to bring onboard.

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Save development costs up to 60%

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Clean Code and Bug-Free Deployment

Why Hire Front End Developers from India?

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India is a land of talented engineers. CEOs of top tech companies like Google and Microsoft are Indians. Hiring front end developers from India are smart and a win-win for both client and a development company. The cost of hiring front end developers is low compared to other countries like Ukraine or Europe. You get an opportunity to hire and build your own team when you choose a company with front end developers from India.

Talented Front End Developers

Our front end development team in India works on the latest technologies and tools. They keep upgrading themselves to deliver high-quality websites and web applications.

High-Quality Development

Hire Front End Developers who are creative and talented. They strive hard to build high-quality websites & mobile apps with bug-free code. Our front end developers deliver high-quality projects on time.

No HR and Recruitment Hassle

Save time and money with our recruitment and HR-free hassle. When hiring front end developers from India is easygoing. No training headache is involved, simply hire our front end engineers to save time and money.

Increased Productivity

Our front end development team in India works and follows Agile methodology. This ensures that they are capable of delivering high-quality and user-friendly web applications. Our front end developers are creative that makes the application interactive and intuitive for better user engagement.

Communication is our Strength

Our Directors, project manager, and front end developers have good communication skills. We will make you feel that you are talking to someone local. Our strong and effective communication skills are our core strength. We understand your requirements well over the call and ask any questions or doubts. Proper communication helps move faster with the project development.

Save Operations Cost

Hiring front end developers from CruzataSoft India is very cost-effective. Our flexible hiring models make it easy for you to hire our front end or backend developers as per your budget. You can hire our front end developers on an hourly or full-time dedicated basis.

Our Front End Developer Hiring Process

CruzataSoft is the best Front End Development Company in India and the USA. You can hire our front end developers or team that has the technical expertise in delivering high-quality projects on time. Our front end developers can handle any complexities that occur during the development. You can hire front end developers and backend developers from different hiring models. You can choose the right model that suits your web or mobile app development needs. Hire your front end developer in four simple steps:

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1) Share your project scope and requirements with us

2) Shortlist candidates from the resume we will share

3) We schedule an interview with the candidates you choose

4) Finalize and Onboard your Front End Developer and start working

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Enhance your customer experience with our Front End Development Solutions

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We follow a design process with clean coding and consistency. The UI-UX design of the application brings great value to your product. Our values are to provide error-free UI-UX design at CruzataSoft. Our expertise in front end development services gives you robust and powerful solutions. We also help you with CMS Solutions that are easily manageable. Unlocking front end freedom gives us an opportunity to build applications that are scalable. You can create and manage your content and share it across your online presence.

Fits in your Budget

End to End Front End Software Development

CruzataSoft takes pride in offering great front end development services. We are a team of talented front end developers who can create amazing things. From front end websites to mobile apps we have a portfolio that speaks for us. We believe in long partnerships and delivering high-quality front-end projects on time. Our complete range of front end services covers from analysis to maintenance. We will support you throughout your project development and deployment.

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Smooth Communication

Every client is of utmost importance to us. We take care of our clients and make sure they are satisfied with every project we do for them. We go beyond our limits to make it a success for every front end development project. Being a client-centric agency we focus on customer's needs from start to finish. This can be seen in our development process. Our transparent and smooth communication keeps you updated with the project from ideation to completion.

Faster Development

Mobile-First Approach

Taking a Mobile-First approach aims to reverse the workflow of designing. The experience for designing mobile-first is done before developing a desktop web. So rest assured the responsiveness will be implemented in your front-end mobile web and mobile app project. With our full-service portfolio of technology and solutions, we try to keep pace with the IT dynamic environment. We do everything that embraces and keeps your front-end website and mobile app alive and kicking.

Faster Development

Thrilling Customer and User Experience

We are always updated with the latest technologies and trends. Our front end developers keep learning and growing in their field. They are up for new challenges and try to figure out a way to make things work. Our strong capabilities in offering front end development enables us to deliver smart solutions. Our front end developers are creative and solve complex business problems & challenges. We make sure our clients have best in class experience with our front end design services.

Referral Partner Program

Hire our Dedicated Front End Developers

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Hire Front End Developers who can work on your project on a Fixed, Hourly basis, full-time/ part-time (monthly, weekly) dedicated to building interactive, dynamic, and user-friendly Front End Design and UI/UX for startups, small & medium businesses to leverage our wide experience and industry expertise in delivering the best Front End Development Services globally and cut 40% of your development costs.

CruzataSoft dedicated development team provides reliable Front End App Development Support Services on your new or ongoing projects to fulfill your requirements.

Do you have ideas we can discuss? Contact us for a free consultation and a quote.

FAQs on Front End Development

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Yes, we have a team of experienced front end developers. The skills of our front end developers at CruzataSoft have more than 5 years of domain expertise. Contact us if you are looking to hire a front end developer for your project. We have successfully delivered Front end UI-UX projects from ideation to deployment. From innovative practice design, principles, testing is done end to end. Our front end development dives deeper into your project requirements to perform a thorough examination. We then arrange a meeting to solve complexities with advanced design convention policy. This guarantees effective conversion of your web application and helps retain your customers.

To create a dynamic website depends on many factors. The time is calculated accordingly to create a fully functional website. Front end development starts with web designing and it takes around 1 to 5 weeks time. Again it totally depends on the complexity of the project requirements and revisions needed. After the first phase is complete we move on to the second phase that is the coding part. The development of your web application takes a minimum of 1 to 6 weeks. If it is a website and has less pages it can be done sooner as per functionality required. We abide by the Agile Methodology and follow sprints for better deliverability. This helps us save time and costs for our clients.

We are flexible in our hiring models. We offer different dedicated models for hiring your front end resource. You don't have to take any headache of hiring in-house employees. We work on a dedicated, fixed, and hourly basis. You can pick from these hiring models that suit your budget. We also recommend you to choose from our hiring model that saves your time and money. If there are less alterations and the project is clear that it requires less time. We will suggest a fixed price model in that case.

The cost varies from developer to developer. A good experienced front developer would cost more than a less experienced one. Their expertise in different industries and niches would determine the cost suiting your budget. Cost may go a little high for industry experts in a particular field say healthcare. They hold extensive experience in developing healthcare or telemedicine applications and the price might be different for hiring them. We charge very affordable hourly prices to our clients ranging from $10 to $20 per hour. You can handpick and select front end developers you want to work with on your project. The lesser availability of developers may lead to higher pricing due to their experience in their niche.

I know that is a confusing question. As they all have their own importance and relevance. The best part is that we have expertise in all of them. We normally analyze the project requirements and functionality. Based on that we suggest the best front end technology to our client.

For perfect results, we recommend going with Angular and React for development and designing. Do not worry we will choose the best for your website and mobile app project. I know choosing the right front end technology is imperative to make it scalable and robust. To optimize to the highest degree we need a clear understanding of your project requirements. After that we consult with our team about the best technology to go for and why it will be perfect for your app or website.

Yes, we can create mobile responsive and mobile-friendly websites. We make sure that every front end website we build is mobile-friendly. People mostly use mobile phones and tablets nowadays, it is imperative that it works well on all the devices. From mobile phones to large desktops we make responsive designs that look cool and readable.

Yes absolutely, you can select candidates from our Frontend Development team for your project. You know your requirements better and you can build your own team of front end engineers to do the work. We provide you complete support in choosing the best frontend developers for your project.

Ofcourse! you will be able to check the progress of your project. Infact, we proactively gives you timely updates via email, whatsapp, Skype and phone call. We create sub-domain to build your web application on our development servers. You will be able to check your project progress with login information that we will share with you. That will give you an idea of how our work and quality and how your website is coming along.

No, we keep it simple and transparent. We believe in discussing the requirements and price prior to starting your project. We mutually agree to a price once you have placed the order with us. There are no hidden costs or costs that are involved later during the developments. Unless there are any new or additional requirements added.

Modern UI-UX can drive your business by enhancing the user experience. This will help your customers get a seamless and rich experience when the front end of the website is attractive. It creates positivity in your customer's minds seeing the products and services you offer. Once the trust is established your brand can thrive in retaining your best customers. With a good front end interactive website or app you can drive traffic to meet your business objective.

Our company motto is to bring your ideas into reality through technology. Our work is to bring your ideas to life. We do that by giving you the best time and cost for your project requirements. Your idea is our business opportunity and we make sure that you get success anyhow. We make it possible with the help of our creative and talented team. Our front end and backend developers will deliver high-quality products or MVP to help you go to market faster. You can showcase your MVP to your investors or VCs once it is ready. Win as many customers' hearts with your idea that we can make it happen through technology.


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