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CruzataSoft is a reputed HRIS and HRMS Software Development company. We build your HR software with passion. Our HR software services include a user-friendly and fully functional HRIS system. Any startup or enterprise business in the HR industry or other can use this software. We have solid expertise in developing HRIS and HRMS Software Solutions. We can help you build your customized HR web and mobile application for your business. We use the latest technologies such as Laravel, Node, Angular and React to develop the HR Software. Our experience and knowledge of the HR industry will help you go to market smoothly. Many companies build HRM software for internal use to manage staffing & recruitment. We are proud to deliver excellent HR software development services to our clients. That gives complete analytics from synced mobile and web apps seamlessly. We provide end-to-end HR Software technical support & testing.

Our HRIS software gathers information across all the departments. It collects relevant details throughout the employee life cycle and gives better insights. HR department then uses the information to achieve great things to enhance employee productivity. If you're hiring, onboarding, relieving & preparing payoffs our HR software does it all. It gives your complete insights and analytics of employees who are important assets to the company.

CruzataSoft helps startups and small businesses improve culture, office environment. Our HRIS software does smooth recruiting, onboarding, preparing compensation, develop policies. After it has been implemented the company can thrive business by bringing these policies into practice.

Every organization has HR departments. They have their own custom requirements that fulfill their needs. Today every company seeks the right HR Software that automates and streamlines their entire HR process. This helps them analyze and check the productivity of each department and employee. Our integrated HR, Recruitment & Payroll Management software helps administrators manage HR operations with ease.

CruzataSoft builds complete HRMS software solution that is user-friendly and easy to use. We cater to all kinds of businesses small medium or large and customize as per their needs. Before I introduce to our HRMS - HR and Payroll Management Software, let us know about the resource planning in payroll industry. HR Department plays are very important role in any organization as core stuff starts with recruiting, training and retaining the right talented employee in the organization. Human Resource team handles attendance, payroll, leaves, grievances, events, policies, transportation and food allowances, training courses, loans, assets management and manages complete employee life cycle.

Finding the right HRMS Software can help your workplace function smoothly. An HRMS Software is a connection between human resource team and the use of technology that processes activities via HR Software. The automated HR Software helps free up employees valuable time and enables them to focus on maintaining healthy and competitive environment, increase retention and create impact on work productivity, manage tasks etc.

Our HRMS Software has all HR and Payroll Management capabilities that any company would crave for. It's a complete HR and Payroll Management system that caters needs of employees as well as Admin Department. This workforce management software includes basic tasks, maintaining employees data, contact information, past experience and salary matrices. Right from the joining to relieving of any employee it keeps a record of every information. CruzataSoft builds your Custom HR & Payroll Management Software designed to manage your staffing management, compensation, bonus, tasks allocation, increment based on their performances, give awards, gifts, manage assets etc with our integrated database insights.

Our core ERP consists of Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Software that has built in system for managing HR Employees Data, Application data, job data, training data and more. Along with HR staffing, Payroll Management Software plays another major role for the company to process every months salary of employees and it increase with more man power joining.

Our Payroll Management System has features to generate salary slip, intimate salary over email, salary processing via separate user logins. This eliminates the manual data entry work every month and helps generate automated reports and can be customized as per your organization's HR & Payroll policies.

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Our HR & Payroll Mangement Software Features

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  • HRIS HRMS Software
  • Payroll Management System
  • Payroll Software Solution
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Attendance Management
  • Leave Management
  • Time Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Employee Management
  • Recruitment Management

HR Software Development Services

We work CruzataSoft builds a complete HR Software solution that is HRIS and HRMS Software


HRIS & HRMS Software Development

HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System. HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System. We build customized HRIS and HRMS software for better analytics and insights. The functioning of all departments and employees is done at one single dashboard. From hiring to onboarding engagement work is completely automated.


HRIS & HRMS Application Development

We develop your HRMS Application with full power-packed features. We design and develop responsive and intuitive HRMS applications to perform corporate functions. It carries out business administration, employee tracking, payroll & recruitment, and other core functions

Employee Hiring & Onboarding Software Solutions

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We offer HR Software Development Services for Recruitment & Staff Management for your company. We customize and design your Employee management software as per your requirements.

Django From Hiring to Onboarding of Employee

CruzataSoft builds an end to end employee hiring and onboarding software solutions. This custom employee onboarding HRMS software helps your streamline your hiring process. You can have a background check and feed screening into the system for future analysis.

Flask Smooth Onboarding and Offboarding HRIS Software

Employee onboarding software helps you manage your employee's background checks. Whereas offboarding software prevents your data from any employees who have resigned and revokes access from its use.

Pyramid Applicant Tracking System

Our HRIS software collects candidate information, any job requests, and job postings. It also does thorough background checks and screening during interviews. Other recruitment tasks are also handled at one place in your Applicant Tracking System.

Employee Performance HRM Software Solutions

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CruzataSoft creates HRMS software solutions that focus on Employee Performance management. It consists of many features such as employee performance, employee productivity, employee time tracking, employee salary appraisal, employee background and history, reviews and reports, etc.

Fixed Price Model

Employee Performance Analysis

We design HR software with a complete analytical view. This gives an overview of employee's performance on the dashboard. This in return reduces the workload of HR teams. Performance tracking is better using HR software by an executive to promote an employee.

Hourly Basis

HR Software with Employee Recognition

HR software helps recognize an employee's effort and performance in real-time monitoring. This gives an opportunity for an employee to be part of any bonus program. Any digital archives can be created in the system when they achieve a milestone or goal.

Hire Dedicated

Full 360-Degree Feedback & Reviews

The HRIS software has complete built-in 360 Degree feedback and review for organizations. It consists of review forms, templates, and performance tracking features. You can share the review and feedback form with any department head. They can further share it among employees to rate and scale each other. This gives a better idea of their thought process and what they think about others.

Benefits of an HR Software


Improves Recruiting and Onboarding Process

HRIS Software is designed to attract new joiners by its hiring process. The HR software management is developed to streamline the recruitment & onboarding process. Right from interviewing to assessing the candidate it works flawlessly.


Track Employee's Performance

After making your company's onboarding and recruitment process easy we focus on the performance of your employees. The HR software tool helps companies keep a check on each department and employee performance. This helps organizations unleash the best from their employees. They realize their full potential and perform better to increase the company's productivity.


Streamline Business Operation

HR Software is a tool that helps reduce any errors and automate tasks. It is a great solution that delivers high performance of your employees. Outsource your HR business operations to a platform that focus on business challenges. It streamlines your business operations by developing important strategies at your organization.


Make Better Decision using Data

HRIS, HRMS & Employee Tracking Software allows you to access crucial data and give in-depth analytics. With a dynamic dashboard, HR can take an overview of the entire HR running process. This gives simpler insights from data in your HR platform. You can make smarter business decisions with the help of the data collected. The administration of data collection gives deep insights into trends.


Complete Data Protection

We understand the importance of data and securing it is our topmost priority. Our HR system stores any sensitive data that is inaccessible by anyone who is not authorized. HR Software Development will have a solution that can allow access and permissions and make it visible only for those who need it. An HR system admin will know who has gained access to the personal data.

Want to Develop a new HR & recruitment Software or Mobile App?

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Here are some of the benefits of building your own custom HR & Recruitment software with CruzataSoft:

Interactive and Engaging UI-UX Design

Customize workflows for HR team

Advanced Reporting

Data Protection and Security

Better Performance and Analytics

Completely Responsive and mobile-friendly

Automation and Seamless Application Delivery

Integrations with HR Systems

Referral Partner Program

Looking to change your recruitment & HR Software? Do not worry, we have you covered!

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CruzataSoft has good hands-on experience in developing HRIS and Recruitment Software. We specialize in creating custom HR software & mobile apps for businesses as per their requirements. We have built HRIS & Recruitment Software for a large non-profit organization that offers meaningful employment to former military and RCMP members. We are capable of building HR software for any recruitment agency & startup. With modules such as Recruiting, Employee Management, benefits we can build a custom product that simplifies your HR management process.


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