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CruzataSoft offer feature-packed JavaScript Services. We have expertise in designing a single-page applications, industrial ERP softwares to Mobile App development.

Our team of expert developer aim to provide the best JavaScript Web Services to our clients. It is scalable, fast, flexible and the most reliable framework. CruzataSoft is a top JavaScript Development Company in India & USA. Our team is well-equipped with core frameworks and libraries. We can build custom cross-platform software applications with JS, HTML, and CSS. Our team is capable to work on any framework. We work on AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS and Java Project. Our project managers keep clients involved with regular updates and demonstration of the functionality in the phase of application creation.

JavaScript is a well-known front end technology today. We use a JS framework to create interactive web pages. As we all know that most of the browsers have JS engine inbuilt that makes it works smooth. Furthermore, it is a lightweight and object-oriented language. It has superior functions like Java & C++ syntax that reduces the concepts to learn the language.

Today this framework is emerging as a server-side technology. You can see Node.js is one of the best examples of it. Be it Front End or Back End, JS is very crucial for creating a single-page website or a mobile application in the development process. This scripting technology creates interactive interfaces with better user experience in front-end programming.

Need an application that accelerates your business? Hire a JavaScript web developer from CruzataSoft. We serve a wide array of businesses to deliver best JavaScript framework services.

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JavaScript Frameworks we work



AngularJS is an extensible and exciting new JavaScript MVC framework developed by Google for building well-designed, structured and interactive single-page applications (SPA). It lays strong emphasis on Testing and Development best practices such as templating and declarative bi-directional data binding. AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript Framework, managed and maintained by Google. AngularJS is not just another JavaScript library but it is a complete framework that helps in writing a proper architectured, maintainable and testable client side code. AngularJS is primarily aimed to develop SPAs (Single Page Applications), it means your single HTML document turns into application. It allows you to write Unit and integration tests for JavaScript code.

CruzataSoft has experience in designing robust and scalable web applications in angular. We commit to offer the best AngularJS services with our dedicated pool of resources.

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Node.JS is a runtime environment written on Javascript server-side for execution. It helps real-time network applications on this open-source platform. Node.js represents a development platform that can respond to creating applications for the modern web. This includes: Real-time applications, Multiplayer games, Single-page applications and JSON-based APIs.

Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient. It is focused on speed and scalability and can handle thousands of concurrent users without needing expensive hardware. Node.js is much more than JavaScript on the server. It is a fully featured network programming platform for responding to the demands of modern web programming. Hire our Node.JS developer to build Node.JS Web App.

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React JS

React is a component-based JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Currently, React is maintained by Facebook and an active community of developers and companies. It can be used as a foundation for single-page or mobile applications and it is ideal for reflecting data in real time. ReactJS or React has a business-forward mindset and a strong concept of code reusability.

When using React, your pages will not reload and only the necessary parts will be re-rendered. It happens because React has a sophisticated algorithm that is sensitive to changes in the components’ state and immediately replicates that in the screen. We are implementing some exciting React JS Applications. If you are looking for a ReactJS Development service try us. Hire our dedicated React JS developers for amazing UI/UX applications.

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Merits of using JavaScript

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Less server interaction

You can validate user input before sending the page off to the server. This saves server traffic, which means less load on your server.

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Immediate feedback to the visitors

They don't have to wait for a page reload to see if they have forgotten to enter something.

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Increased interactivity

You can create interfaces that react when the user hovers over them with a mouse or activates them via the keyboard

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Richer interfaces

You can use JavaScript to include such items as drag-and-drop components and sliders to give a Rich Interface to your site visitors.

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Easy to Debug and Test

JavaScript code is interpreted line by line. The errors are indicated along with line number. It is very easy to find error in the code, correct it and test it gain

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Browser Compatible

The biggest advantages to a JavaScript having a ability to support all modern browser and produce the same result. JavaScript is platform independent language.

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