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We have a best team of NodeJS experts to deliver exceptional fast and scalable solutions for web and mobile app development to help you exceed the expectations of your modern businesses
Node.JS Development Services

NodeJS Development Services in India

The best technology that is used by programmers today which is an ultimate solution for the development process.
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CruzataSoft is one of the top NodeJS development company in India. We specialize in developing web and mobile apps using NodeJS technology. Name a plugin or a module or app development our developers will get it done as we have catered to many small and medium businesses. Our NodeJS Development services are best and we ensure client gets the app with high performance and scalability. Our dedicated team developers are innovative and problem solver; we aim to deliver applications to various industry verticals.

NodeJS is a Javascript runtime environment which is written on Javascript code server side for execution. It helps develop real time network applications on this open source platform.

Our NodeJS Development Solutions

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Our JavaScript developers vigorously utilize Node.JS in order to deliver the finest possible software solutions with the richest functionality, maximum performance, and user-friendly interface. We have experience in developing real time JavaScript application for many industry verticals including education, travel, social media, eCommerce, enterprise and healthcare. Our skilled team of developers will make sure they deliver blazing applications for your business needs.

Web Application Development

NodeJS is a fast, lightweight, scalable, and efficient environment to support both back-end and front-end application development. Either a single page application or to develop a plugin, module library, or to develop a heavy data driven web application; our development team is well capable of building scalable, dynamic and custom web applications in NodeJS.

Real-Time Chat Apps

A real-time chat is an online communication tool that enables live transmission of text, audio, or video messages. Node.js has an Event API that allows developers to work in an event-driven approach with any data. This functionality greatly helps in implementing server-side events and push notifications. Our professional team is highly expertise in creating web sockets, event driven runtime applications for better communication.

Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

A single-page application is a web application that fits on a single page on the browser. Instead of loading the entire new page, the app dynamically rewrites the current web page. NodeJS is written in the same language (JavaScript) as used to build SPAs. This makes the work of our developers quite simple because they can use the same programming language and data structure on the server and the client-side.

Salient Features of NodeJS Framework

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NodeJS is the world’s largest ecosystem of open source libraries with outstanding features such as an event-driven model, serverless architecture, and many more. It efficiently runs on JavaScript and speeds up the development process. So from SPA to IoT, there are many different kinds of applications you can build with Node.js. Its server less architecture, micro services, and event emitters have made it a favorite amongst startups and enterprises alike. When you choose to develop a web application that you want to scale and take to the next level then you should start considering NodeJS Development for its unique benefits:

Create Realtime API Programming

Use to built amazing topnotch web apps

Low level API is the biggest advantage you get

NodeJS applications are light and drive more traffic

Open Source in nature allows to replicate with ease

Easy project management with timely updates on progress

Develop lightweight & swift web-based or mobile applications

Highly scalable due to its ability to handle large number of connections simultaneously

Why Choose CruzataSoft for NodeJS Development

NodeJS is an open-source platform that allows you to write and execute JavaScript code without using the browser. It constantly reuses resources by developers from its programming language. We help our clients to deliver solutions that work beyond their expectations with our continuous support and innovation. So let’s connect to explore your ideas to make this a memorable journey.


Sky Rocket Performance sky rocket

NodeJS development is very easy and multitasks well so it doesn’t have to queue. It’s V8 that is used by Google Chrome which is the fastest Javascript engine by which the performance goes beyond our imagination and is simply immaculate.

Fully Scalable scalable

NodeJS is single-threaded and asynchronous that helps in enhancing applications and build a scalable product keeping the future buisness on the mind. CruzataSoft builds applications on NodeJS that contain the event-driven model which stands apart from scaling in a better way.

Manage Multiple Connections multiple connections

Our NodeJS applications are capable of handling a large amount of data and connections between them simultaneously. This helps our experts to manage applications frameworks including REST and JSON APIs, JavaScripts, JQuery, etc. NodeJS Application Development is no doubt rich in technology, scalability and performance.

Long Term Support support

Our NodeJS developers strive to provide you with the long term support and help you may need during the development and after deployment. Applications built on NodeJS are powerful hence it needs support in this technological era to deliver applications that are user-friendly. We use best in class tools to help you scale up your business.
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Hire NodeJS Developers

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Hire Our dedicated NodeJS Developers to work on your project on fixed, hourly basis, full-time / part-time (monthly, weekly). We are here to build adaptable, complex and robust web applications with the help of our experts.


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