Telemedicine App Development Services

We build high-quality healthcare apps with modern UI-UX and powerful systems.

We build high-quality telemedicine website & app solutions for hospitals, clinics for patient care. We intend to optimize hospitals & clinic's operations smoothly through technology. 


Telemedicine Features

  • Notifications
  • Modern UI-UX
  • Online Payment
  • Video Consultation
  • Online Booking 
  • List of Doctors
  • Chat Feature
  • Share Prescription
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Telehealth Mobile Application

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Video Calling Platforms 
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Web Based Consultation

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Online consultation with veterinarian. Vet examining animal via video chat. Dog check up during quarantine. Veterinary doctor checking pet in conference call. Remote medicine and emergency assistance.
Veterinary Software
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Custom Telehealth App Development Services 

CruzataSoft offers a complete healthcare package & telemedicine & telehealth applications solutions for doctors & veterinarians in USA & World. This facilitates virtual & remote online video consultation and appointment booking features for patients. Our robust healthcare solutions work in real-time monitoring patient health and record data. Our industry experts have deep knowledge & experience building healthcare solutions. They very well understand the significance of information & security and follow HIPAA Compliance regulations.

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The Future of your Health Organization

According to Survey

"Telemedicine Market size was valued at USD 45 billion in 2019 and is expected to witness 19.3% CAGR from 2020 to 2026."

The Market size of Telemedicine was valued at USD 46 Billion in 2019 and is expected to grow up to 20% from 2020 to 2026. 

In unusual times, organizations prepare their level to test crisis management. Organizations have to prioritize during the crisis and need to detect, take preventive measures. In the state of undergoing a crisis, the management has to think about how to provide healthcare services.

CruzataSoft helps health organizations strengthen their digital portfolio with telemedicine applications for healthcare. With Advance solutions to cater to patients and users with Telemedicine & EHR Systems. We build health applications using technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, mobile tools. We make sure our clients are fully equipped with digital infrastructure. Our aim is to meet the quality and standard of health applications. Telemedicine App is custom developed for Hospitals & Clinics to help cater to patients online. The patient records are completely safeguarded with our connected devices & services. 

We understand that healthcare is one of the world's most regulated industries. To make innovations & digital space in the healthcare sector we provide robust services. This elevates the market complexities as well as understanding the patient's needs. We deliver the most cost-effective healthcare telehealth apps & telemedicine apps solutions.

At CruzataSoft- we scrutinize the healthcare challenges and move with our competitive approach. We overlook patient's problems and work toward creating digital & automated solutions. With emerging technologies such as mobile apps, AI, IoT & Blockchain we build future applications to mitigate risks. This helps medical & healthcare professionals make better decisions, reduce errors and increase efficiency. Being a complaint-based industry it has a high level of security & vigilance. 

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On Demand Telemedicine Software Development

Telehealth Video Conferencing, Appointment Booking & remote patient monitoring has revolutionized the healthcare sector. The mHealth mobile devices and broadband have brought doctors and patients closer. Through EHR healthcare providers are able to deliver best services in this industry. Recently, the demand for Telemedicine - Telehealth App Platform has increased quickly. Due to ongoing events of COVID 19 many clients have approached us to develop robust & scalable Telemedicine Software & mobile apps. 

CruzataSoft is one of best telemedicine software companies that has built a highly secure & powerful Telemedicine App that is HIPPA Compliant. We can also develop custom telehealth applications as per needs of healthcare providers & hospitals. Our telemedicine - telehealth application helps improve patient care remotely for the healthcare industry.   


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Unleash our Telemedicine Expertise

We build Telemedicine Software solutions for hospitals, clinics, veterinary practice owners such as here are the benefits

Our Telemedicine App development solution provides you with a feature rich & smooth user experience across all the best telemedicine platforms i.e. Website, Android & iOS.  

We customize white label solutions & implement them as per the user's needs. Our best Telemedicine platform development services & telehealth software systems  will help you scale your business. 

Telemedicine Portfolio
Telemedicine Mobile Apps

We design & develop best telemedicine apps & telehealth mobile applications in iOS and Android

Web-Based Video Consultation 

Web Based Online Video Consulting software solutions with secured end to end  encryption. Doctors and Patients can take a virtual care

Video Conferencing Platforms

We build video conferencing platforms with screen sharing & chat features. The custom development of video streaming software requires BigBlueButton or WebRTC integration.

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    Telehealth Software & Video Consultation

    Applications with high bandwidth need strong backend architecture. To make it more easy, flexible, scalable & track. CruzataSoft has been working on building such Telehealth App solutions in cloud-native architecture. For the last couple of years in Telehealth Application development company in USA and we have delivered amazing applications for our clients. By leveraging microservices & continuous delivery dynamic orchestration. We can design a system that proactively responds to uptick video calls, screen sharing etc. 

    Telemedicine application also provides video consultation, chat, prescription & other features as per client's request. As partners of many cloud servers CruzataSoft is able to leverage & integrate into new technologies. We easily adopt patterns and work on frameworks like WebRTC, BigBlueButton, AWS, Google Cloud, AppSync, Twilio, etc. 

    Telemedicine App Benefits

    Telemedicine App Solutions are built to decrease unnecessary patient visits and remove problems like medication. This in return saves doctors time and operational costs.

    Advantages For Patients
    • Schedule appointments online
    • No need to wait for hours in hospitals lines
    • Can take consultation at patients convenience
    • Satisfaction is the key
    Advantages For Doctors
    • Cater more patients online
    • Reduce operational expenses 
    • More income & more time
    • Serve patient anywhere remotely
    Advantages For Hospitals
    • Increase in revenue
    • Ease in work/life balance
    • Easy to Schedule anytime
    • Book Specialist from the list

    Telemedicine App Development Service for 

    We at CruzataSoft, develop custom telemedicine software & mobile apps as per your requirements. This telemedicine solution is for Hospitals, Clinics, Veterinary practice owners, etc.

    Doctors & Medical Professionals

    Our Telemedicine app solution is for doctors, veterinarians, practice owners who offer virtual health care services. This improves their practice efficiency and helps cater to more patients online.

    Telehealth Service Company

    Telemedicine is an integral part of Telehealth. It promotes remote & online clinical services. Many clients serve as a Telehealth platform to medical professionals. This helps them improve patient health remotely & efficiently.

    Custom Telemedicine App

    We develop a custom Telemedicine App for anyone who is looking to build such a platform. At CruzataSoft, we discuss your Telemedicine App requirements to fulfill your specific needs. We can build Apps such as Patient App, Doctor App, Admin Panel, etc.

    Solutions for Hospitals & Clinics

    Our Telemedicine App is designed & developed for Hospitals & Clinics. This improves patient satisfaction and increases the revenue of the organization. The future of healthcare is Telemedicine as patients are more inclined towards online consultations.


    Veterinary Telemedicine App for pet owners

    CruzataSoft is delivering the best Veterinary Telemedicine Software & Mobile app Development company in USA. We have recently launched a Veterinary Telemedicine App for Healthcare service providers. Our Telehealth-Telemedicine Software & mobile app developers are industry specialists. We are dedicated to empowering the veterinary domain. We develop on demand veterinary telemedicine app solutions for hospitals & pet owners. Our flexible & scalable product development services give a one-stop solution for our clients.

    CruzataSoft has built a highly secure & powerful Veterinary Telemedicine App that is secure & powerful. We can also develop custom veterinary telehealth applications as per needs of veterinarians, practice owners & hospitals. Our software for telemedicine - telehealth application helps improve pet care remotely for the healthcare industry. 

    Telemedicine Veterinary Websites

    Website Design & Development for Veterinarians to win more clients and grow practice with our vet experience

    We at CruzataSoft also build telehealth veterinary websites, medical websites, from scratch. We design & develop amazing attractive websites for healthcare startups, hospitals, clinics, doctors, veterinarians & practice owners, DVM, etc. We create beautiful designs and develop fully customizable veterinary websites for visitors to engage with your content.

    We will build a cutting-edge veterinary website that will convert a visitor into a customer. CruzataSoft has been successfully creating websites for veterinarians & other medical professionals for more than 5 years.

    Our websites are fully SEO friendly & mobile responsive. We enhance the user experience with our simple yet modern layout, UI-UX & look and feel. We just need to focus on taking care of your pets.

    Let our website experts help you craft your dream website. Our mobile-friendly websites are designed to help you focus on your vet business by acquiring new pet owners.

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    Mobile Responsive

    We build mobile responsive websites that works flawlessly on any device.

    Search Engine Optimization

    We will take your veterinary website to the top of Google with our SEO expertise.

    SEO Reporting and Results

    Our dedicated SEO team will monitor your website's performance and create SEO-friendly websites with proven results.

    Social Media Engagement

    We will optimize your social media pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram.

    Ownership of the Site

    You are the owner of your website & content. Once we create beautiful veterinary website we deploy on your servers.

    Ready to use

    Our White Label Telemedicine App Solution


    What is a Telemedicine app?

    According to WHO, Telemedicine is referred to: 

    ‘delivery of health care services, where patients and providers meet for online consultation’ 

    In simple terms, Telemedicine is a software solution that helps patients and healthcare providers communicate from distance. The advanced communication tools used by doctors & patients are through Telemedicine Mobile Apps.

    The way COVID19 crisis has disrupted the current healthcare industry & landscape. The Telemedicine app development has started taking place to transform the healthcare system. 

    What is the difference between Telehealth and Telemedicine?

    Nowadays, a majority of healthcare professionals use Telemedicine Applications & Telehealth Application platforms. It consists of similar services to cater patients virtually. Thus, a main difference between both is that Telemedicine is a subset of Telehealth.

    What is Telemedicine or Doctor on Demand App?

    Telemedicine or Doctor on Demand Apps is designed & developed for Doctors & healthcare professionals. This allows patients to get online consultation & treatment anytime, anywhere through Telemedicine mobile app or web platform. It includes features such as online appointment booking, video calling, chat & online payment. Doctors can also share e-Prescription via app to make the consultation process easier.

    Do you have White Label or Readymade Telemedicine App?

    Yes, we have our white label & readymade Telemedicine App Solution. You can also request to customize as per your requirements. This Telemedicine app solution is customizable and contains all the top features. Some of the main features are online booking, video calling, online payment, screen sharing & remote monitoring. Contact our consultant at for a FREE DEMO and see if this is the right solution for your hospital? 

    What is the cost to build a Telemedicine App? 

    We at CruzataSoft provide you with very reasonable & competitive pricing. The telemedicine software cost or the cost of Telemedicine App or telemedicine software platforms totally depends on the requirements and features you request. Depending upon the complexities and time & effort involved we give you a rough estimate. So what are you waiting for? Request a Free quote now!

    Can you give a live DEMO of your Telemedicine App? 

    Yes, of course, we would love to showcase to you our work and walk you through the Telemedicine apps we've built. After we connect for a DEMO meeting we discuss your requirements to check if it matches your needs. We've developed a Telemedicine App for veterinarians & hospitals. You can send your inquiry to us at requesting to schedule a live DEMO meeting. Someone from our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

    What about support & maintenance post-development?

    We are your development partner and we give full support during & after development. We provide a complete analysis & reporting with ongoing support & maintenance. We are here to serve you 24/7 after the deployment of your Telemedicine App on your servers.

    Where can I check your ready-made Telemedicine app product?

    Please visit the portfolio page of our Telemedicine app product. We have created a dedicated project page showcasing the app features. You can click here to visit Dr. Huellitas. It is specially designed for our client to bring veterinary doctors & pet patients on this platform to provide online consultation. This Telemedicine can be developed for any healthcare organization like hospitals & clinics. To experience it's high-quality video calling & conferencing feature, feel free to contact us at 

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