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React Native App Development Services

React Native App Development Company

Save time & costs using our React Native App Development team. We build amazing mobile app for your business on both Android & iOS App platforms.
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We all know React Native is Facebook's Framework that enables cross platform mobile app which is smooth and easy to create ioS and Android apps using one platform codebase. You can create beautiful and powerful Apps for both the platforms without compromising with quality, speed and efficiency of a Native Built Application or the UI-UX. With New Technologies, Mobile Application has taken a completely different direction. CruzataSoft is one of the top mobile app development company, well known for developing apps on React Native Technology. This JavaScript framework consists of features to deliver mobile app solutions without writing code separately for iOS and Android.

Our Team of React Native Developer has in-depth knowledge of React Native Framework to meet your needs that can scale your business growth with great performance in less time.

We at CruzataSoft, strive to develop Minimum Viable Product (MVP) using React Native Mobile Apps for startups & SMEs to cut time and costs with the same quality and performance of the App that caters future MVP development strategy. Our smart developers keeps updated information and trending features launch in IOS and Android Apps.

Our Mobile Apps development team can build complex applications in SaaS, PaaS, eCommerce, Social Media, Fantasy Sports, Gaming, etc. We work hard to deliver quality apps, best user interface with the same speed and efficiency.

Hire our Dedicated React Native App developers and take advantage to build amicable and dream web application to decrease your goto market time and create efficient apps with fabulous UI-UX with the mixture of HTML & Javascript and selected framework to make your business successful.

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Our React Native Development Services

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  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Cross Platform App Development
  • Business App Development
  • Social App Development
  • Navigation App Development
  • Custom App Development
  • Pension App Development
  • Live Streaming App Development
  • NFC Card App Development
  • Game App Development
  • eCommerce App Development
  • Parking App Development
  • Technician App Development
  • Handyman App Development
  • Networking App Development
  • Dating App Development
  • Cab/Taxi Booking App Development
  • Loyalty App Development
  • Customizations
  • UI-UX Design
  • Integration
  • Migration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Hire React Native App Developers

Let's Build a Mobile Application using React Native

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React Native is a revolutionary way of creating mobile applications. Facebook introduced their new framework that supported the only iOS but since they supported Android it is still expanding. It builds Native mobile applications for both platforms. It creates iOS and Android Apps flawlessly. It invokes APIs in Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS. These threads can handle different events in the application.

Best React Native Development Company, see what we can do?

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We design & develop high-quality performance mobile apps that are compatible with both iOS & Android cross platforms.

Full-cycle design and develop Full-cycle design and develop

CruzataSoft team offers all kinds of React Native Apps from design, to maintaining & support. We test thoroughly before launching. We can fill more resources when necessary. We provide a full range of development services at affordable costs.

Code Audit Code Audit

We keep auditing code from time to time for our clients with existing codebase they want to enhance. Our team makes sure they analyze the quality of the code and trace bugs and bottlenecks. Henceforth, we know how to improve the code's performance, speed, and stability.

Server-side API Development Server-side API Development

Our Application developers can go beyond your expectations to create functionality for the App on servers and API for smooth backend communication between mobile UI interface and the server.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

MVP is mostly developed by startups and enterprises for creating mobile apps or websites from a concept to execution. It consists of features that create powerful functionality to interact with users. It is the best way to get through the Build, Measure & Learn Feedback with sufficient amount of time and effort.

Why choose React Native for your business

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Today, React Native is one of the best options available to build mobile apps on both ioS and Android platforms. You can save time and money without getting it developed separately. Let's talk about the advantages, why we and our clients love using React Native.

Fits in your Budget

Fits in your Budget

React Native uses the same codebase to build apps on Android & iOS which indeed saves more time and costs. You can leverage by allocating more staff on promoting your product. This technology is very useful and absolutely free for mobile app developers. It allows you to customize packages in an easy way.

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React Native is a Cross-Platform

It is a cross development platform with many native modules you can use in your mobile app. Some of the features come with APT packages while others are written from scratch. It supports this framework by helping the community to add new open-source tools.

Faster Development

Faster Development

The process will speed up your performance with many easy-to-use components. Along with the basic features it provides libraries developed by an ever-growing community. It is 30% faster to build iOS and Android apps rather than developing separately. The performance and user experience and quality remain intact.

Easy to learn & update

Easy to learn & update

React Native is very simple and straightforward if you know Javascript. It allows the front end developer to be a mobile app developer without learning Swift for iOS or Java for Android. Simply knowing the Javascript and some native UI elements, platform APIs it is possible to reuse modules to work on both web & mobile to update apps quickly.

Open Source

Open Source

React Native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook. It has the capability to keep costs low for developments. It is very useful and free for mobile app developers that have a large community that implements libraries and APIs. We can use them in our code without any issues or bugs.

Easy UI interface & Implementation

Easy UI interface & Implementation

UI plays a major role in app development. Mobile app developers can create apps that give native experience to users. With the help of components, they can be used for both Android & iOS. Without restarting its codebase allows you to make changes & run apps smoothly. You don't even have to wait for your code to compile to do any minor changes.

React Native is used by top companies

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React Native is used by top companies

We build high-quality React Native Mobile Apps

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We use React Native Application Services to develop high-quality mobile apps in iOS and Android that are secure and powerful. The performance is up to 99.99% crash-free. Moreover, these apps are as same as Native apps with native components, amazing qualities and UI-UX.

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Blazing fast speed and higher performance

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Great Developer Tools up to 30% faster to develop

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Open Source: Easy to learn and update functionality

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Reusable Code with Cross-platform compatibility

Hire React Native App Developers From CruzataSoft

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Hire our proficient mobile app developers who can develop apps using React Native with ease. We deliver simple to complex projects on time. We take complete ownership to build innovative apps on cross-platform such as React Native Framework. Below are the reasons why choose CruzataSoft as your software partner

Full Integrity

Our values are dependent on the client's reputation. We work with complete transparency & integrity and abide by NDAs policy.

Experience since 2016

Hire React Native App Developers from CruzataSoft who are experienced since 4 years and well versed with the latest technologies.

Free Quote

Share your project requirements with us for a Free Quote. We provide free initial consultation and estimates as soon as possible.

Easy Project Management

We assign a project manager to cater to your complex project management issues with ease.

Smooth Communication

We provide regular updates on your project status via Skype, Email, or Phone. We ensure our client's complete satisfaction.

Flexible Engagement Models

Hire our React Native App Developers on a part-time, full-time, hourly, or fixed cost price basis whatever method suits you the best.

We have Solutions for every Industry Vertical

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We provide full-service and solutions for many industry verticals. Our team of React Native Developers is up to date with technologies and lean approaches. We strive our best to find our best possible solutions for your needs.

  • Multimedia

  • Social Networking

  • E-commerce

  • Location-based

  • Educational

  • Travel

  • Mobile Gaming

  • Enterprise

Benefits of Choosing React Native

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Today, React Native is the most used technology for developing mobile apps. Some unique features of react components makes it different from other native apps. Here are the key points that makes it the best choice for mobile app development

Open Source

Faster Development

Cross Platform Development

Live Reload and Updates

Reusable Code

Effective as Native App

Great Developer Tools

Speed and Performance


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React Native is a cross-platform developed by Facebook and released in 2015. It is a Javascript Development framework that uses ReactJS to create apps on both Android & iOS. Mobile app developers reuse the codebase for web & mobile platforms. The performance of the apps are such as it is built using Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android.

Popular companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Uber, Walmart, Bloomberg, Wix etc are using React Native. We have been doing some successful projects for our clients on the React Native Platform. Contact us to learn more about our projects built on React Native.

Yes, React Native is Open-Source and is absolutely free for mobile app developers. This framework is developed and managed by a large community of app developers with thousands of libraries who are creating and sharing to make React Native development platform faster and robust.

Yes, if you partner and hire our dedicated React Native app developers you just have to invest on single developer. Your React Native developer works on a single codebase to create apps on both iOS and Android. Such functionality reduces your cross platform app development costs. Also, app maintenance costs are lesser than the Native app developments.

React Native app development saves time and efforts of mobile app developers which in return helps you save a huge amount of money.

Contact us for more information on project estimation and costs of your React Native Mobile App to get an idea.

Yes, with the help of our expert React Native App Developers you can migrate your existing app into React Native App. We prefer to give our honest opinion based on your current app if it can be migrated to React Native or not. It takes more time to migrate than creating a new app on React Native.

Some of the major benefits of React Native are:

1. iOS and Android can be easily built on React Native using single codebase.

2. React Native is faster, developing & publishing apps is more simple.

3. It's speed and agility gives great user experience and performance on React Native Apps.

Now Hire React Native Developers for your next project!

Few things you should keep in mind before outsourcing your projects overseas.

  • You should choose the best React Native App Development company with experts with more than 3 years of experience.
  • By outsourcing you get better performance, flexibility, quicker delivery, easy maintenance & best insights on your projects.
  • Hire React Native App Developers from Cruzatasoft to leverage our resources to create award-winning mobile apps.
  • To reduce your operational & development costs by 50%.
  • Come join our hands to outsource your mission-critical React Native App project for us to build a successful app.

As there are many app development companies in the market and it becomes very challenging to choose the right partner. There are several things you can check before choosing a React Native Development company. For example, check the company's portfolio, website, local & online presence. You should see which company is more interested in doing your project. This shows a sense of proactiveness and responsibility. Try to find a proper balance between the pricing and quality of work the company does. It's very important to make sure the company you choose has proper communications with you and give timely updates on your project delivery and launch. You are not only choosing a React Native Development company but a reliable partner whom you can trust 100%.

By choosing CruzataSoft as your React Native Development partner you get benefits that will make you happy and satisfied are:

Agile development process to keep you on top of the things Complete transparency and full integrity towards your project

  • Smooth and regular communications for timely updates.
  • Cost effectiveness and high quality developments
  • Robust, secure and powerful system
  • Excellent coding standards.
  • Flexible Business Engagement Models.
  • Result-oriented strategies.

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